26th General Meeting & 54 Anniversary of “Handmade Nepalese-Tibetan Carpet Export Year 2016 Across the Globe-2016 Concluded

February 15, 2017

The 26th Annual General Meeting of CCIA and 54th Anniversary of Handmade Nepalese-Tibetan Carpet Export year  2016 ( 2073)  was successfully completed on 04 December, 2016 .


Mr. Chhiring  Sherpa, President of Central Carpet Industries Association on his welcome speech focused on the sustainable of Nepalese handmade carpet in the current international market.



He asked the Government of Nepal to announce the Nepal carpet export year, allocate necessary budgets, and prepare programs for it.  This program will definitely promote the Handmade carpets in the international market.


He also focused that if this program would be successful, the carpet buyers and users would understand that Nepal is quality carpet producer and exporter in the world and we can increase our trade and generate more foreign currency from carpets business in coming years.


On the auspicious occasion  President  Sherpa  hoped that the Government of Nepal would give a high priority for the Nepalese carpet industry and announce the Nepal carpet export year with its plan and program of national interest. Mr. Sherpa also gave his opinions on multiple aspects of carpet industry, basically he pointed out to establish a Carpet Development School in order to develop the expert manpower for the raw wool, yarn color, cut, quality, monitoring, labeling, designing, trademark, environment friendly Production, etc.IMG_8745

The school would helpful for better management of carpet work in the manufacturer Industries in Nepal.

President Sherpa also believes that if they get necessary help and facilities from the Government of Nepal and donor countries they can raise the hybrid mountain sheep in our own country and they can be independent in better in carpet manufacturing. He still hopeful that the Nepalese carpet export condition will improve and reach to the similar prosperous condition as it was seen years ago in 1993/94.


That is only possible if all side of concerned authorities and individual will support for their carpet industry on time. On this auspicious occasion, Chief Guest of the program  Right Honorable  Prime Minister, Mr. Pushpa Kamal  Dahal ( Prachanda),


the Government of Nepal had consented to grace the special ceremony. Rt. Honorable Prime Minister  gave important opinions along with hope to help in order to promote and develop the Nepalese carpets in future.


On that special occasion of 54th Anniversary of the Handmade Nepalese Tibetan Woolen Carpet export across the globe and 26th Annual General Meeting of this Association; the Central Carpet Industries Association Nepal, the Nepalese Carpet Sector, and people of Nepal has honor the Government of United States of America for promoting the Handmade Nepalese Tibetan Woolen Carpet since 1993 A. D. and stands    the first position   to import the Handmade Nepalese Woolen Carpets in the world for the fiscal year 2015 – 2016 & passed the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 on the duty-free facility for 66 types of Nepalese products including Nepalese Woolen Carpets in the US market for 10 years for its continuous support and an incomparable contribution towards Handmade Nepalese-Tibetan Woolen Carpet since 1993 to till date.

On behalf of the Embassy of the United States of America in Nepal.  Representing  Her Excellency Ambassador, Mr. Kevin C. Price ,Economic and Commercial Officer received the letter of

appreciation for the promotion of handmade carpets in the US markets from  the Government of United States of  America .


On this occasion The Central Carpet Industries Association Nepal appointed to Mr. Reto Aschwanden Managing Director of Label STEP as a Brand Ambassador of Handmade Nepali Carpets


 for the promotion of  Handmade Nepalese Tibetan carpet in the international market and to continue the commitment of fair conditions for the artisans and their family in carpet industries.


Mr. Nurbu Lama, Managing Director of the Himalayan Art Carpet was awarded for securing the 1st  position by exporting the Nepalese Handmade Woolen Carpet quantity wise from Nepal in F.Y. 2072/73          ( 2015/016),


 Mr. Tenzing Zeopa Lama, Managing Director of The Shangrila Carpet & Handicraft Pvt. Ltd. for securing the 1st  position by earning the foreign currency exporting the Nepalese Handmade Woolen Carpet amount wise from Nepal in F.Y. 2072/73(2015/016).


Mr. Tsewang Damadul Lama, Managing Director of the Third Eye International  was awarded with for dedication and tremendous contribution for innovation and development of the Nepalese Handmade Woolen Carpet in F.Y. 2072/73( 2015/016).

Third Eye Photo AGM

  Mr.Ishwari Prasad Ghimire, Executive Director, Trade and Export Promotion Centre (TEPC), Ministry of Commerce, the Government of Nepal was awarded with Letter of Appreciation for his  efforts in order to facilitate the private sector including the development, diversification, and promotion of Nepalese Carpet Industries.


General Secretary Mr. Nyima Lama presented the progress report of fiscal year2073/7 and highlighted the next fiscal year2073/07 programme.



Treasurer of CCIAN Mr. Risangbo Sherpa presented the statement of income and expenditure of fiscal year 2072/73 .The General Assembly approved all of the agendas which were presented in the General Meeting.


Mr. Indra Bhakta  Manandhar  Vice Presdent 1st of CCIAN gave the vote thanks for closing session of AGM.IMG_8045

The General Secretary Mr. Nyima Lama also gave the vote of thanks and formally concluded the AGM.