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Carpet Weaving Training Programme 2075, Inauguration, Sindhuli

January 30, 2019


Nepal Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association in collaboration with the funding partner, Nepal Government Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Trade and Export Promotion Center has already started three months carpet weaving training programme in three districts namely Sarlahi, Sindhuli and Tanahun.

The inauguration ceremony in Sarlahi was held on Poush 15,2075 ( Dec 30, 2018) at Bagmati municipality ward no – 01, Shanti chowk. Mr. Gambhir Tamang (Pakhrin), The Ward Chair Person was invited as the chief guest of the programme. The CEO of NCMEA had been there specially for the inauguration ceremony. The participation of ward members, local social workers and reputed personalities and more than 100 weavers made the programme very welcoming and successful.

Mr. Gambhir Tamang delivering his speech encouraged all the trainee and thanked Nepal government , TEPC as well as NCMEA for choosing Sarlahi Dist. for the skill development training. He wished good luck to all the trainee and added all should stay inside the country and increase the revenue and export of the country to make it well recognized all over the world.

Similarly the three months carpet weaving training has already been taken forward. The inauguration ceremony in Sindhuli was held on magh 04,2075 ( Jan 18, 2019) at Kamalamai municipality ward no – 06. Mr. Ujjwal Thapa, The Ward Chair Person was invited to the ceremony as the chief guest. He, as well was very happy like the chairperson of the Sarlahi, Bagmati. He, delivering the speech gave an idea to make a group and install the carpet weaving frame and he added the commitment that he will be supporting for the upcoming tasks on behalf of government and the ward.

Every trainee seen their was very encouraged and very passionate. They stated lots of questions with the ward chairperson Mr. Ujjwal Thapa and the CEO of NCMEA Mr. Amrit Tamang. They both answered and made them satisfied and encouraged. The trainees as have made the commitment to learn seriously. Their urge with the government and the association is the carpets produced by them should get the proper market. They also said that they are sincerely there to learn and develop the skill for living and want to be independent.

We have launched the training in different three places. Two places in Sarlahi and one in Sindhuli. We do have have appointed three-three trainers to train the trainees. The trainers are the locals since we prioritize the locals to get the employment opportunities in their own area. The training session of Sarlahi has already completed a month and Sindhuli as well is in the process of the completion of first month.

The training is going on very smoothly.

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