Executive meeting held on falgun 19, 2075.

   The 15th meeting held today took place on 2075/11/19 at NCMEA secretariat at 1:30 pm. The meeting was led by organization Chairperson Mr. Ram Bahadur Gurung. The participants in the meeting were,

Executive Committee:

Mr Ram Bahadur Gurung (Chair person)
Mr. Hari Bahadur Jyu Thakuri (Sr. Vice Chairperson)
Mr. Tenzing Sherpa (Vice Chairperson)
Mr. Suman Shrestha (Vice Chairperson)
Mr. Nyima Lama (General Secretary)
Mr. Risangbo Sherpa (Treasurer)
Mr. Hira Bahadur Lama (Secretary)
Mrs. Radha Kumari Pant (Member)

The discussion was done over the agendas enlisted.
1. About Minimum Wages
2. About Maximum Retail Price Declaration,
3.About Introductory Programme participation organized by Good Weave
4. About the list of country to export the carpet,
5. About participating the International Fair 2019 in Kathmandu Bhrikutimandap
6. About Training progress


Decisions made:

On Agenda no. 1,,   Coordination to be made with the stake holders and different meets to be organized soon.
On Agenda no. 2,,   Another meeting to be held on this matter,
On Agenda no. 3,,  The association will participate the programme on the same date. Office is requested to write a letter                                         to Good Weave for fixing time and venue.
On Agenda no. 4,,    Another meeting to be held on this matter,
On Agenda no. 5,,   Association will display the items in the Exhibition.Office is requested to write a letter  to FNCCI for                                         fixing the stall.
On Agenda no. 6,,    All the trainings (Three months carpet weaving training in different districts.) are running smoothly                                      and report is submitted to the Executive committee