Organizational Structure

The NCMEA is a non-governmental and non-profit organization having an autonomous body working within the framework of its own charter. In every two years, the general assembly in a democratic way, elects an Executive Committee consisting of a President, a Senior Vice President, two vice-presidents, a General Secretary, a Treasurer, two secretaries and two members. Altogether the executive committee consists eleven members. The Executive Committee is empowered with all necessary authority to carry out all activities in order to attain the association’s objectives. The Executive Committee forms different sub Committees to oversee departmentalized task and represent in various programs of other organizations & institutions.

The NCMEA has adopted a membership policy open to the entire segment of the Industry. The only pre-requisite is that a prospective member is an entity engaged in the carpet industry registered with a relevant Governmental body of Nepal. Memberships classified in following categories.

  • General member
  • Honorary member
  • Life member
  • Associate member

As of Dec. 2018 there are 195 members.

The NCMEA has a well-equipped secretariat with full-time staff to look after administration and various activities as directed by the Executive Committee. To meet the fast growing demand of the members, the NCMEA is strengthening its secretariat with modern equipments. The secretariat is headed by CEO, who is assisted by other professional and assistants in implementing the plans and programs as chalked out by the Executive Committee. The staff information are as,

Mr. Amrit Tamang
Contact: 9843563828/9818989467

Office secretary
Mr. Dharma Raj Poudel
Contact : 9860412916/9840727028

Ms. Durga Jirel

Major Activities Performed

  • Market promotion programmes
  • Exploration of new markets for Nepalese carpets
  • Establishment of carpet information desk with carpet related books
  • Census survey of carpet industries
  • Organizing and coordinating external and internal trade fair participation
  • Commitment in elimination of child labor and involvement in child rights research
  • Establishment of day care and education centers and conduct non formal education classes in carpet clusters
  • Role played in environment protection
  • Seminars, workshop and training programmes on export promotion, environment and quality management
  • Lobbying with the Government for effective policies and its execution towards the industries
  • Regular publicity and publication of carpet related issues


NCMEA has representations in following organizations and committees:

  • Export Promotion Council.
  • Industrial Development Council
  • Carpet and Wool Development Board.
  • Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • Nepal Chamber of Commerce
  • National society for Protection of Environment & Children (NASPEC)
  • Different related adhoc-committees of HMG/N and Private Sector.


“CARPET BULLETIN” is the official news letter of the NCMEA and it is distributed free of charge to the members and many more.

International Linkages
NCMEA has been carrying out various activities for the promotion of the industry and its markets, in co-operation with various foreign/International organizations such as UNDP, UNICEF, UNCTAD, GATT/ITC, ILO, BVOI, Wools of New Zealand, WRONZ, GTZ, JETRO, CBI, APO, USAID/Nepal and others.