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We Provide You The Best Quality Carpets and Rugs from Nepal

At NepalCarpet.org, we believe in the magic of hand-knotted Nepali carpets. These aren’t just pieces of decor; they’re threads of tradition, woven meticulously to transform your space. From the bustling streets of Kathmandu to the serene valleys of Pokhara, our carpets capture the essence of Nepal’s rich heritage.

Sustainability at Our Core

We’re not just about aesthetics. We’re about eco-conscious living. Every carpet you find on our platform is a testament to sustainable practices. We’re proud to say that our vendors prioritize eco-friendly methods, ensuring that while your space looks good, the planet feels good too.

Handcrafted Luxury

Every carpet tells a story. A story of dedication, skill, and the unparalleled craftsmanship of Nepali artisans. Whether you’re looking for traditional designs that resonate with Nepal’s history or modern patterns that add a contemporary touch, we have something for every taste.


More Than Just a Marketplace

We’re more than just a procurement platform. We’re a community. A community of vendors, artisans, and carpet enthusiasts. We bridge the gap between local vendors and global customers, ensuring that the beauty of Nepali craftsmanship gets the recognition it deserves.

Free Shipping, Everywhere

Whether you’re in the US, UK, EU, or any corner of the world, we’ve got you covered. Order your favorite piece, and we’ll ensure it reaches you, free of charge.

Join Us in Celebrating Nepal’s Carpet Legacy

Nepal has a rich history of carpet making, and we’re here to share it with the world. Dive into our collections, learn about the artisans, and become a part of our journey to promote Nepal’s carpet industry.

Here to Help

Choosing the right rug can be overwhelming. But worry not! Our dedicated team of experts is always ready to guide you. Whether you’re trying to figure out the right size, pattern, or color, we’re here to help. After all, the right rug can transform a room, and we’re committed to helping you find that perfect piece.

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